Project outputs and promotional materials will be published on this page.


Promotional material

Newsletters, posters and brochures of the POPCORN project will be added here once these are published.

POPCORN brochure

POPCORN poster


Toolkit for experts and specialists dealing with marine oil spills and plastic pollution

This section will include individual tools, reports and other guidelines, which will form the POPCORN toolkit.


Educational and informative material for schools and other organisations

This section contains material, which have been created mainly for educational purposes in the participating projects or by POPCORN. These can be downloaded and used freely. If you have questions about these, please contact us. 

Cool facts about the Arctic

Cool facts about the Arctic is a series of twitter posts, which were published regularly by APP4SEA project. Aim of these tweets was to share Arctic related information from different fields. The posts have been divided into several issues, depending on their content. The links below take you to these individual publications in The publications can be used as short introductions to Arctic issues from different angles.

Infographics from APP4SEA project

Series of infographics were put together in APP4SEA project, which demonstrate in an educative way impacts of oil spills. The infographics were translated into English, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian. These files are downloadable below and can be viewed also in the image gallery . If you want to create your own language versions of these infographics, please contact us, so we can send you editable versions of the infographics.

Image gallery - infographics created in APP4SEA project