Outputs and Results

The goal of clustering projects is not to create something completely new, but rather to disseminate and spread outputs of already completed projects. The participating projects and their outputs form a basis for POPCORN's activities.

Output 1. Toolkit about oil spills and plastic pollution seas for experts

Individual projects have created, collected and laid out different kind of best practice reports, methods and other tools, which can help experts to upgrade their skillsets to deal with maritime oil spills and plastic pollution. The projects have shared these project outputs with their stakeholders in the participating regions and POPCORN will take these efforts to the next level.

A comprehensive toolkit will be created in POPCORN from the most relevant outputs, which will be disseminated to new target groups in new regions. The toolkit will be shared with the experts through webinars, seminars and other events, and the experts will also learn how to use the items of the toolkit in a most productive way. This will increase the capabilities of the northern regions in sustainable environmental management.

Output 2. Raising awareness about oil spills and plastic pollution in seas

Reaching to the general public and informing them about the challenges that oil spills and plastic pollution at sea poses to the environment, is a general objective of the project.  The individual projects, which have accumulated a lot of up to date information that is useful also for general public, have packed and disseminated this to the public. Different methods and tools have been used in this, when compared to the ones, how experts and specialists have been addressed in the projects.

POPCORN will disseminate these already created promotional materials to the public, but will tap also to the unused information that has been gathered in the projects. Publications, infographics and podcasts will be created based on this, which can be utilised also in education at schools in different levels. POPCORN will also raise awareness about maritime pollution by attending and organising various public events.

Output 3. Public online interactive smart map

A smart map has been developed in APP4SEA project, which includes comprehensive information about oil spill  in the Arctic waters in a dynamic and educative way. The map has specific information layers, but is also an entry point for other oil spill related information with links to project outputs and other interesting sites.

The smart map will be updated in POPCORN, which will make it more user friendly, but also the contents will be changed. Coverage of the map will be expanded to the Baltic Sea Region, whereas contents about plastic pollution will be added to the map. These changes will increase the maps usability as a tool that illustrates the problems related to oil spills and plastic pollution in seas and how the map can be used to tackle maritime pollution. The map can be used by experts and by the general public.

These updates will be embedded to the map that is already available at http://app4sea.com/