Final conference of POPCORN project in Twitter!

End of June is almost at hand, which means that also the days of the POPCORN project are numbered. But we are ready for one final push!

If you are a concerned citizen, who is worried about our marine environment, open up Twitter at 11.00 CEST on Tuesday 21st of June and insert #POPCORN2022 in Twitter's search section. Get some popcorn at hand and follow our final conference, which will be organised in Twitter. The programme has been divided into three session, first of which deals with oil spill response and the second one is focused on marine plastic pollution after these one-hour long sessions it is time to find out what has been done in POPCORN project itself as the main outputs of the project will be reviewed shortly, with the whole event coming to an end at 13.30 CEST.

You don't need to have a twitter account to follow the conference, just type #POPCORN2022 in the Twitter's search option and you can follow the presentations. Don't worry, if you can't make it and follow the conference live, thanks to the Twitter magic the presentations and discussions can be found with #POPCORN2022 even after the end of the conference. 

The conference programme can be downloaded below. If you are active in Twitter, you can follow the presenters - if you are not already following them - just to get a glimpse of the work that they do and what can be expected from our final conference.

Update! The Tweets from the Twitter conference can be uploaded from here. The tweets on one pdf (without the animations) are available below.