POPCORN webinar: Oil spills and wildlife protection

Date Location Organiser
18 May 2022 Online, in Zoom POPCORN

Welcome to a webinar on oil spills and wildlife! See the program and register now.

POPCORN webinar: 18 May 2022 at 17.00 (EEST/UTC+3)


Oil spills threaten the wildlife and vegetation of the affected area and may lead to catastrophic effects on these ecosystems. Large-scale spills lead to mass mortality events, but also persistent oil pollution, for example from cleaning oil tanks at sea or continuous leakages from pipes, has a severe impact on the animals and environment.

Oiled wildlife response is about minimizing the impacts of oil spills; it includes both the activities that aim to prevent oiling and those that mitigate the impacts if a spill occurs. Oiled wildlife response requires constant preparedness and training of various experts and volunteers. Join this webinar on 18 May to learn more about oiled wildlife response, innovative new tools and the actors involved in it!



  • 17.00 Welcome – Minna-Liina Ojala, POPCORN, University of Turku
  • 17.05 Risks and harm oil causes to the wildlife – Vanessa Ryan, Marine Conservation Officer, WWF Finland
  • 17.25 Bow Jubail incident in Netherlands – Daniela Barreras Biesot, Wildlife Senior Technical Advisor, Sea Alarm
  • 17.45 Mapping seabird populations – Interactive smart map – Neil James, Environmental Research Institute (ERI), North Highland College
  • 18.00 Oil vulnerability index, ERI, North Highland College
  • 18.15 EUROWA: What is it and how can it help? – Saskia Sessions-Puplett, Wildlife Senior Technical Advisor, Sea Alarm
  • 18.35–18.45 Final discussion



Download the program here