End of ice season in sight - even in the Bay of Bothnia

Four weeks can make a big difference - especially in the spring. In end of April the Bay of Bothnia was still a kingdom of ice and snow, where seven icebreakers kept the shipping lanes open. But that’s not the case anymore…

End and starting point and distance covered by the plastic wrapper, 21.4.-19.5.2022

Simulation of the drifting pattern of the plastic wrapper, 21.4.-19.5.2022

Ice chart for Bay of Bothnia, 23.5.2022

The ice season was still very much on in end of April, when we visited our Oulu case and Botnian Bay for the last time 4 weeks ago. The area covered by ice was certainly decreasing, but it blocked the way of our plastic wrapper, drifting still under the ice. In terms of distance covered, our wrapper has not progressed that much in the course of May. The ovearall direction has been towards south-west, but the road has been curvy. But now that most of the Gulf of Bothnia is ice-free, it will be interesting to see, if the wrapper will pick up speed and if it will continue on its course towards south-west…

End of May is almost at hand, which means that our campaign is entering its' final lap. On the following weeks we will be looking at these cases one by one and from the beginning to this date. So next time we will take a look at the whole journey of our virtual plastic bottle. How far did it manage to travel in just 5 months? Stay tuned!